And I'm like

"I'm immortal!"

The Great Sasha Adventure
18 March
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bring storms that wash away sin and shame...

(i'm ready to weather the clouds and dance in the rain)

©isaacsABOUT: Ellie, neurotic and 24. Almost So totally not ready to start my adventures in the real world outside of academia. So I'm going back. Roleplayer, artist, dreamer. Would so kill for those shoes. You ready? ornare. layout by introject moodtheme by kohler
ADDICTIONS: Greek mythology, music, painting, Supernatural, fantasy novels, scifi movies/tv shows, action movies (and transvestites!), equality, literacy, my kitty, Brandon Sanderson, nature, the feeling of paint drying on fingers, needlepoint, procrasination, livin in my head. ♥
WISDOM: Naufragio litus tutaque terra meo, / solus honor nobis, arx et tutissima nobis —[A shore and safe land for my shipwreck, my only honor, my place of greatest safety] Medieval poem

one two three fleeting

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